Removing the C4 Corvette Antenna

This article will help you how to remove the C4 Corvette antenna motor (1992-1996 models) prior to the installation of a new antenna in your vehicle. To view the antenna motor you have to sprawl underneath the car from the side door of the driver, but before this you have to take some preventive measures such as covering your eyes to guard them from dirt particles that can fall down from the fender. Some drivers prefer to place the cars on the jack stands first and then remove the rear wheel at driver’s side.

Disengage the negative terminal of the vehicle battery first. You have to eradicate the motor in the same method as it was installed in the car. The motor is attached with the mounting brackets having two screws. To remove the bracket bolts without difficulty use either screwdriver along with ratchet or a socket wrench having separate extension. One thing to notice is that one of the bracket bolts has a power wire of the C4 Corvette antenna.

Now the C4 Corvette antenna can quite easily be pulled down closer to you, so that you can slack the positive power wires and the antenna that are mounted at the apex of the unit. At this point the antenna motor can be lowered down, leaving one of the wires that go inside the motor unit.

Turn over the rubber sleeve in black from the motor unit that safeguards it from grime, moisture and other impurities. Four head screws of Phillips brand are used to hold the motor lodge cover. Remove all the screws along with the nut at the hub holding the antenna flywheel. By removing the cover from C4 Corvette antenna you can easily view the flywheel with the main gear which lifts and drops nylon antenna ribbon. There could be some bits and pieces of the old ribbon, remove them as well.

For the new ribbon to work effectively for years; you have to grease the flywheel along with the main gear with white lithium grease or Vaseline.

Now it’s time to reposition the wheel and screwing back the cover at its place in the correct direction. Install the C4 Corvette antenna to its place, make all the wiring connections and place the battery back. Turn on the car and its radio to confirm whether the motor runs properly or not. If this process is done smoothly then your car is ready for the installation of the new mast.

Now you simply have to follow the instructions for the installation to get it started. You need patience and determination in doing all this process. If you were unaware of these simple steps of removal of C4 Corvette antenna motor then it might take you few hours, but by following the steps mentioned you can do the same job in just in 30-40 minutes of time.

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