Ricardo Pinzgauer Truck

The Pinzgauer is a military truck made by Ricardo. Now, some of you may know that Ricardo is the same engineering firm that makes the gearbox for the Bugatti Veyron and the engine for the McLaren MP4-12C. So it should be one helluva of machine.

It doesn’t look like a particularly capable and tough vehicle But because of the Ricardo connection, it’s actually a very good piece of engineering. If this firm keep expanding at this rate, we will soon see the day when they make a space shuttle or something!

Two levels of refurbishment are offered; the first based on  improvements aimed at extending operational fleet life by between 10 and 15 years, while a more comprehensive recapitalization service goes further in providing increased performance and payload in what is effectively a new vehicle. An example of the Ricardo Pinzgauer is to be shown for the first time at the Ricardo booth space (OR-01) at the DVD2012 exhibition at Millbrook, June 20-21.


Details in Ricardo press release below:

“The Pinzgauer has been an extremely effective vehicle with UK forces and many other military users around the world,” said Peter Moore, Ricardo global market sector director for defence. “However, existing operational fleets are approaching the end of their expected life and are considered uncompetitive with new platforms in terms of performance and crew protection. Using our in-depth engineering knowledge and resource we believe that the Pinzgauer can be effectively life-extended to provide a valuable and cost-effective military capability.”

The Ricardo Pinzgauer refresh service provides a menu of engineering enhancements that can be incorporated depending on individual requirements. These include increased engine performance by 5-10 percent, an upgraded alternator, improved driver ergonomics improvements with increased cab size, new seats, repositioned steering column and repositioned pedal box, increased load bed capacity, and mechanical overhaul of the suspension, chassis, engine, gearbox, driveline and electric systems. The more extensive Ricardo Pinzgauer recapitalization menu options include replacement of the powertrain with a current volume production unit, increased on-board electrical power using an APU from 120 to 270A and/or an integrated starter generator from 300-400A, chassis and driveline upgrades to increase payload capacity by 200 percent to 1500kg, and improved blast and ballistic protection.

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