The Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe 2010 Model

The General Overview of the Vehicle;

Being the latest model from Rolls-Royce’s Phantom lineup is the brand new Phantom Coupe. Manufactured with the highest quality of materials and a model that boasts being hand built and highly customizable. The new Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe was designed to compete against the Bentley Brooklands.

What was new for 2010;
Surprisingly for the 2010 model of the Phantom there were not any significant alterations made.

The Exterior of the Phantom Coupe;
The exterior of the Phantom Coupe is available to be painted in a multitude of colors, with the painting process consisting of having 5 coats of paint and lacquer applied to the vehicle, in between the coating there is a finishing layer applied by hand, and then finally it’s all finished off with 5 hour process polishing the vehicle by hand. The following are some features of the exterior worth noting; it comes equipped with 21 inch wheels, accents made of aluminum and stainless steel, remote lock for the doors, rear hinged doors and the trunk is able to lower to create seating for 2 extra people.
The Interior of the Phantom Coupe;

The Phantom Coupe is able to accommodate up to 4 individuals within its frame. The hand built interior is designed elegantly with chrome, wood and real leather adorning the insides. Mounted underneath the seats of the vehicle are 2 sub-woofers which are connected to the Logic 7 sound system with 15 speakers. A single dial controls the stereo system, while the the navigational system’s media display can be enabled to become hidden and replaced by an analog clock face instead. Some of the features that are incorporated within the interior section of the vehicle are; voice activated navigation system, frontal dual zone air conditioning, heated cushions for the driver and passenger, leather dashboard and a steering wheel wrapped in leather with accents made of aluminum. Features that are also available are iPod integration, a leather headliner and the Rolls-Royce stitching in the headrests.

Power Features of the Phantom Coupe;

The coupe utilizes the exact same powerful V12 6.8 liter engine as found in the Phantom VI sedan. Utilizing an automatic 6 speed transmission, the engine outputs an impressive 453 horsepower

The coupe was hand built on an aluminum space frame that has been computer analyzed to make sure it has been accurately manufactured. The coupe was designed to ensure a driving experience that is much more dynamic than that of the sedan version. Also featuring anti-roll bars that are larger, rear shock absorbers that are more stiff and modified spring rates. It also boasts adaptive and auto-leveling suspension.

Safety Features of the Phantom Coupe;

Some of the safety features that are incorporated within the coupe are the anti-lock brakes with brake assist, side impact airbags which are seat mounted, frontal and rear side curtain airbags, an electronic stability system and traction control.

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