The Volkswagen Touareg 2010 Model

The General Overview of the Vehicle;

Volkswagen made the decision to refresh the name of the old Touareg and update it with the imaginative name of the Touareg 2. The new Touareg 2 faces competition rivals such as the Volvo XC90 and the Infiniti FX35 in the mid-luxury SUV market.
What was new for 2010;
The only option available for the new Touareg is the V6 gas/diesel powered engine, sadly the V8 engine has been scrapped for this model. Even though these were optional extras, the Four Corner Air Suspension and differential rear locking are the other features that were dropped in this model.

The Exterior of the Touareg;

The exterior of the Touareg 2 has received some improvements that give the impression of a more quality produced vehicle which now adorns silver crossbars that are situated below the headlights and the side mirrors that have been incorporated with signal indicators. Other features of the exterior include either 17-19 inch alloy wheels, windshield wipers that are heated, windshield wipers that are able to sense rain, electronic and heated mirrors, automatic headlights, sunroof, rear spoiler and a power lift-gate. An optional extra available is the bi-xenon adaptive headlights.

The Interior of the Touareg;

The interior of the Touareg 2 received a great overhaul and is now constructed in aluminum, chrome and walnut wood furnishings throughout. Able to accommodate up to 5 individuals, this vehicle features as standard such as the steering wheel, parking brake handle and shift knob are come wrapped in leather, automatic dual zone air conditioning, an auto-dimming rear-view mirror, front seats that are able to be heated. With optional extras including a navigation system that comes with a 30 GB hard-drive, and a 640 watt audio system that comes with 10 speakers.

Power Features of the Touareg;

All models of the Touareg come with all wheel drive and an automatic 6 speed transmission as standard, you can also have the choice of 2 flavors of engines, the V6 gasoline powered engine or the V6 Diesel powered engine. With the V6 3.6 liter engine producing 280 horsepower with 265 lb-ft of torque, the turbocharged V6 3.0 diesel powered engine manages to output 221 horsepower with an impressive 407 lb-ft of torque. The Touareg 2 being a more than capable off-road vehicle comes equipped with features such as the Hill Descent Assist and the Hill Rock Back Assist, this is to hopefully make larger inclines more acceptable to negotiate. It’s also capable of towing an impressive maximum weight of around 3,500 kg.

Safety Features of the Touareg;

A quick summery of the safety features that have been incorporated within the Touareg are the front mounted side impact airbags, the side curtain airbags, the rollover sensors for the side curtain airbags, brakes that include anti-lock technology, an electronic stability and traction control system, daytime running lights and an optional backup/parking camera.

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