Torque Vectoring Control Standard On 2012 Ford Focus

The new generation Ford Focus might be taking too long to come, but it is well worth the wait becasue it’s going to be the best engineered car in this segment.

Not only it features countless new convenience and safety features to make the life better for the occupants, it also gets some fancy mechanical upgrades to enhance the driving fun. Something that the Focus has always been famous for.

All 2012 Ford Focus models will be fitted as standard with Torque Vectoring Control system, which in brief increases vehicle stability in turns by applying slight braking force to one side.


Torque vectoring control uses the Focus braking system to imitate the effect of limited-slip differential, constantly balancing the distribution of engine output between the driven front wheels to suit driving conditions and road surface. When accelerating through a tight corner, the system applies an imperceptible degree of braking to the inside front wheel, so that more engine torque goes to the outside wheel, providing additional traction, better grip and improved vehicle handling.

The system is designed to delight experienced and enthusiastic drivers but also to provide less- experienced drivers with confidence and a better sense of vehicle control, especially in difficult driving conditions.

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