Toyota Avensis Tourer Diesel Fuel Economy

To try and prove the new Avensis Tourer diesel, Toyota came up with a challenge.

They send two journalist on a trip across the length of the Britain. That’s a journey of 905 miles between Lands End to John o’Groats via Toyota’s Burnaston factory. They have been on an eco drive, and managed to cover the distance on a single tank of diesel. The car averaged 71.5mpg over 904.9 miles.

Editor Joe Clifford and Andrew Biddle accomplished the feat in a standard Avensis T Spirit Tourer, powered by the latest version of Toyota’s 2.0-litre D-4D diesel engine. The high efficiency of the engine and six-speed manual transmission, and the pair’s eco-conscious driving style helped clock up 904.9 miles at an average 71.5mpg – just a shade less than the car’s official extra urban consumption figure.


Commenting on their success, Clifford said: “The Toyota shrugged off the mileage with ease and showed such frugality for fuel that we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it highly. That it is also comfortable, roomy, tax-friendly for business users, bursting with kit and beautifully built are simply bonuses.”

At the beginning of their three-day journey, the duo brimmed the Avensis’s 60-litre tank and programmed their route on the car’s Touch & Go navigation system. The on-board computer calculated a driving range of just 580 miles, but that limit was comprehensively smashed: the car covered more than 170 miles on the last bar of the fuel gauge alone, in spite of having to tackle mountain climbs, pouring rain and high winds.

Their route included a stop-off at Toyota’s Burnaston plant – home of the Avensis – where they saw first hand the attention to quality and the commitment to the environment throughout the manufacturing process


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