Toyota Yaris Hybrid UK Price

Hybrid cars used to among the most expensive cars in each segment, because of the technology used to develop them.

Now the new Toyota Yaris Hybrid is about to change all that. The car delivers this market-leading performance and an accessible price point. Yaris Hybrid will be available in the UK for less than £15,000 OTR, making it the most affordable hybrid on sale in the UK. Thanks to the full hybrid powertrain, Yaris Hybrid can deliver 79g/km, 80.7mpg, and 99 bhp, a unique combination of economy and power in a small hatchback.

And all this without requiring the customer to compromise on comfort features such as air-conditioning and automatic transmission, which are specified as standard. Will the same thins happen with electric cars someday?


Toyota press release:

The new Yaris Hybrid shows Toyota doing what it does best, providing market-leading technology at an affordable price. Yaris Hybrid is the most CO2 efficient combustion engine vehicle in the mainstream market, at 79g/km, with fuel economy of 80.7mpg.

Part of the genius of the full hybrid system is minimising the time on any given journey when the petrol engine is running. These “zero-emission” periods can be as much as one third of a typical urban journey.

The CO2 figure of just 79g/km delivers real running cost benefits for drivers. It means Yaris Hybrid qualifies for free road tax in the UK, and is exempt from the London congestion charge. For company car drivers, the record low CO2 emissions fall well within the lowest Benefit In Kind (BIK) taxation band of 10%.

Yaris Hybrid is available for pre-order from Toyota showrooms now. Customer deliveries commence from 1st July.

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