Transition of the Honda XR200R Motorbike

Honda Motor Company Ltd. introduced Honda XR 200R trial bike among its various lines of motorbikes. It is a renowned Japan based company that manufactures automobiles and motorbikes globally. Honda has been manufacturing its XR series of bikes since the last two decades and Honda XR 200R is its new entrant motor cycle having one cylinder with four strokes.

Honda XR 200R made its first appearance in the market in 1980 with a version of XR250R, having the same power but a lighter version. It was available in a single color of Tahitian red with overhead camshaft in silver, engine with one cylinder with 195cc dislocation and transmission of six-speed. It comprised of a tool-bag in red, speedometer and a red and white toned XR200R label on the side of its black panel.

In 1980s, few modifications were made in Honda XR 200R model. Its tool-bag at the rear and the speedometer were removed in 1981 and rear suspension with twin shocks and new steel rims were added up. More vibrant color schemes were introduced to this model in 1983, switching from flash red color to Tahitian red, and in 1986 to Shasta white. The brand new color of red and white became the recognition of this bike. The steel fuel tank was changed to plastic. For a short period from 1984 to 1985, the engine valves were four in number than two and its displacement was of 4cc. Its oil filter was disposable and thus could easily be changed. But later on, due to poor consumer response Honda had to stop the manufacturing of this model temporarily.

Continuous alterations and modifications were made in Honda XR 200R to improve its performance and look. The color was changed from black to Shasta white that was combined with blue during 1991-1994 and then with violet during 1995-1996. Engine remained the same since the mid of 1980s, but the twin exhaust pipes and carburetors that were common in old bikes were made single in this bike.

Honda XR 200R celebrated its production for 22 years from 1080-2002. Only two of its models were absent in the year of 1089 and 1992. Later on, its 2002 model came back in amazing red color and graphic treatments, although rests of the mechanical and engineering details were changed in the past five years.

Since the inception of Honda XR200R, it was admired as lighter learning bike by the masses and a good alternative to the model XR250R, which was a bit heavier model. The 1980s models of this bike were especially known for their shock’s easy recreation and modification. People also liked them for their good performance, durability and well built-up suspension.

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